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The dictionary defines diversity as the state of being diverse; variety.

As we grow up and our perspectives change. Some of our memories, habits and traditions stay with us. We are in constant change, due to adaptation and what the world around brings to our lifes, whats trending and what YOU as and individual believe in.
I’ve been a musician/artist since a very early age. Music and Art are related in many ways. However, music has change A LOT since I was 5 years old? Bands and aritsts I grew up with and used to admire I may not listen to or know about them anymore. The world keeps moving. Our taste for many things change. Life keeps going.
My topic is simple. My disgust with popular culture and the BOOM of EDM. I tried my best to narrow it down ( if that is even possible) with just music (Pop music). It is a broad subject, but I took the risk and challenge to portrait what I see, hear and live on an every day basis. For example, I grew up with bands like Green Day, Linkin Park, Metallica, etc. Well now those bands are my little sister favorite band. This is what I call a “sell out artist” or a “sell out band”. The point where a band passes through underground to become a commercial/popular band.
Moreover, I am driving to school on a monday morning (nothing out of the ordinary I know). Well, I received a notification from my iHeartRadio app. letting me know that Justin Bieber just got caught from DUI. All I have to say to this is… WHY DO I CARE?!? It was the biggest news of that day. We lived in a world where there is so many things going wrong all around the, but the biggest news of that day was JB getting caught for DUI.

I am very happy with the outcome of this project. My poster designs inspired by artists/designers like Rodchenko, Fairey and Banksy are successful in composition, type and visual elements. My thoughts has been thrown out for the world to take. Most people will hate it, and some will love it. As far as it concerns me. I am just stating a fact of how I see this world. My thoughts are for you to take…

- Monky
(Alberto Silva)

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CYMK Portriats

Like many artists before me my art is an interpretation of my day to day world, I draw what I see. This series of prints depicts both close friends and residents of my community. The portraits are an attempt to capture the beauty experienced in day to day life. The background color pallet was inspired our third project this semester, CYMK, CYMK is a technique that combines cyan, yellow, magenta and black into any image. But unlike CYMK I have created a design that is specific to the silk screen technique. By using a screen with a lager mesh as a base for the background I have exposed the qualities that  are inherent in the technique. The mesh of the screen combined with the CYMK colorway creates a design that is both subtle and manipulative when photographed. I have taken this background and placed it against portraits done in an expressive line quality that I have been developing through my silkscreen experience this year. This juxtaposition of  a background specif to the silkscreen technique and my portrait work was done intentionally to create a body of work in a style that is completely mine. With this series of prints I have captured the personality of the subjects and recreated them in style that is not only unique to the silk screen technique, but style that is uniquely my own. 

John English

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"Solitude and Space"

My art is a diary. I learned from an early age that there were certain thoughts and feelings that I couldn’t express using verbal communication. A lot of the work I do is an exploration of certain disciplines and traditional art, such as figure drawing and portraiture, combined with an experimental component. I also have an interest in a genre called magic realism, which exists mainly in the realm of literature, and uses aspects of realism with some sort of fantastical or mystical element. Normally I work in self-portraits due to the fact that i find it highly introspective and reflective; I learn a great deal about myself through using my own face and body as the subject matter.

For the final project, I was inspired by the works of Alex Katz, Edward Hopper and Andrew Wyeth. All three of these artists worked mostly in paint and sometimes in pencil, which are my most commonly utilized media. These three are all known for using people as their subjects, and I interpret their works as having a universal theme of loneliness. “Christina’s World” by Wyeth, “Nighthawks” and others by Hopper, and many of Katz’s paintings all feature figures alone in the respective environments. I attempted to further this technique and concept by minimizing the backgrounds each of the figures is placed in. While having an empty room or open space definitely evokes a feeling of solitude, I believe that by rendering the spaces of the figures to simple lines and the suggestions of environments, the figures have a greater contrast to the spaces they inhabit. The people I portray are fully resolved sketches in color but they sit, stand or lie in complete negative white space. The idea is that whether physically alone or amongst thousands of people, one can feel lonely anywhere - it follows us and stays with us wherever we go.

The other component I tried to utilize was rendering my images from an aesthetic perspective, meaning all of them are designed to be pleasing to the eye. While their body language, poses and color scheme may seem to indicate sadness, they are deliberate in their placement on paper and in their overall composition. Just as my three artistic references have done, I wanted to make sure that each image is beautiful. Even feelings that seem unpleasant or uncomfortable have beauty in them, whether as being part of the human condition or just for the mere fact that they are completely relatable and part of our collective existence. Or maybe the beauty is in how we persevere in the face of adversity. Regardless, I believe that revealing these truths is the real purpose of the artist.

-Michael Vallario

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"Color in certain places has the great value of making the outlines and structural planes seem more energetic." -Antonio Gaudi

When creating patterns for a functional space in any environment I find inspiration in nature, architecture and art. The juxtaposition of organic elements with geometric structures in a simplified manner is a common component in my work. For this piece I used a photograph I took of the ceiling in the Sagrada Familia church designed by Antonio Gaudi in Barcelona, Spain. I retracted shapes I saw within the architectural structures and shadows of the building and separated them into different layers to create a pattern that looks less architectural and more primitive. I was very inspired by Gaudi, as he too incorporates pattern in a lot of this work. I chose lively bold colors that reminded me of the energetic and free spirited atmosphere in Barcelona. My intent with this piece is to remind people of music and culture they identify with through the unity of shapes and colors. 

Carolina Rodriguez

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For this print series I wanted to incorporate Italian renaissance art with pop culture. Back in the renaissance period, artists were greatly influenced by religion. Religion compared to that time has died down. Religion, the way I see it, for this generation is pop culture. Pop culture and religion have a similarity. They are both about consumerism and people. Religion sell what they teach; when you go to a church, ministers or popes talk about events that are going to happen and ask for tons of money. When you think of music and famous people, you think money. Which is why I chose to combine both a religious and a pop culture generation into these prints.

I chose very vibrant colors like pop art would have to also show the consumerism part.  When you look at Italian renaissance art you see vibrant colors like, bright blues, oranges, pinks, etc. which I thought was a great idea to take advantage of that and make it into pop art. The way I compose the prints are the way you would see religious paintings. Everything is in the form of a triangle inside a rectangle. Everything has to be smack in the center. I wanted to show the drama of the stories of the bible, which renaissance artist based their artwork on, with the drama and stories of famous people. I wanted to make these print a bit offensive, disturbing and yet funny to also make fun of religion and pop culture but at the same time showing appreciation of renaissance art and pop art.

-Cristina Canizares

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The Uncertainty of life and the possibilities uncertainty gives me, are what I’ve based my final project for silk screening these six prints. Each print represents a transitional moment that has recently happened to me this past four months. I chose to base this work on my life because I wanted to show how I could take a complex idea using photography and turn it into a simplistic design. The story I am telling is the reasoning behind cutting my hair from such a cumbersome long length to a dramatically short length. My work is reminiscent of the photographs of Cindy Sherman and Anna Gaskell. In a directorial mode I put together photographs that worked with my story line. Afterwards I thought of simple image designs that represent people but in a very loose way. The colors I chose to use, work for my design to help show that my eyes are blue and the moon is changing from full to new. In five prints my eyes are expressing how I am feeling while the moon is moving away from them and my eye placement tries to catch up with the moon’s movement but eventually I have to give up.

-Lindsey Beatty

April 22nd 2014

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"Emerging Into Color" is the title of the series representing the struggles that the world creates for us. The world tends to erase color from us because of the daily stresses that we endure. The forms used to represent are outlines of relaxed body positions; some crouched, stretched out and some kneeling. They demonstrate the fearlessness and curiosity as we become less afraid to express ourseles in the colors presented. Being influenced by futurism, the bright colors became prominent to drive meaning to the forms used.

"Only when he no longer knows what he is doing does the painter do good things."
-Edger Degas

Samantha DeGorsky 4.23.2014
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~Reciprocity: The Continuity of Life and Death~

The theme for this piece is the reciprocity between life and death, of destruction and hope. I explored the triptych style and philosophies about human existence: from conception to one’s last breath, war and peace, and acts of nature that impact us. We all share a common existence, yet our personal experiences differ. True to the triptych style, each individual piece speaks to its counterpart within the three sections. On the surface, my piece appears to be a self-portrait. However, I intended for the piece to be universal, drawing the observer closer and sparking a conversation.

Artists who have influenced my artwork and personal philosophy—Frida Kahlo, Francisco Goya, and Sir Francis Bacon—served as the inspiration for this piece. They share philosophical themes and created thought-provoking artwork. They unify human existence through interpersonal and introspective themes. After studying those artists and reflecting on their work, I created my own study on humanity. Our existence is simple—we’re born, we live, and we die. Yet, the moments in-between shape the way we interact and respond to various elements within our world… and the universe in which we inhabit. Although we’re all just stardust, we have an incredible knack of clinging to our beliefs, our hopes, and dreams, aspiring to leave a legacy for those who will come after us.

                                                                       Sharnel Lyttle

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My artwork for this project delves in to two cultures the Iran and the Japanese. In my pieces I attempt to show two different art elements why hiding the origins of both through calligraphy. Having spent time reading, studying, and writing Arabic calligraphy I was able to better understand the method behind authentic Arabic Typography. The science behind it is a time consuming endeavor where and individual must both read manuscripts and write them as well. After learning this I used it to develop a piece that contained both Japanese imagery and Arabic typography. As fun as the project was to create and develop I did run into a couple of problems. The first one being that printmaking in and of itself is not a very detail oriented medium. The mixture of ink and screen sometimes causes the work to lose its details. The artist must be very careful in their application of the ink, which can be very difficult to do due to the constant cleaning of the screen after each consecutive print. Another problem occurs with the registration of the image. The artist must consistently place the screen in the correct location for each print or else they will print skewed images. These problems must be solved or the work will not fall within the guidelines of a successful print. All in all this project has helped me rise above and beyond the call of duty, by helping me discover a new found love and appreciation for art and culture.

-Jean Joseph 4/22/14

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This series explores the humanization and familiarity of Roxy. Originally a photography series, I began to explore humanizing Roxy through printmaking. I found it much easier to create different works of Roxy without the complications of actually dressing her up, which had been inspired by the works of William Wegman and his weimaraners. Looking deeper into printmaking and my objective of humanizing Roxy, I came across the famous images of Marilyn Monroe by pop artist Andy Warhol. Warhol had made multiple versions of the same image of Monroe. He also had glamorized Monroe, and created a marriage between art and commodity culture. I wanted to do such that with my series. Glamorizing Roxy using bright colors and enlarging her to almost life size, allowed me to humanize her and keep to the Pop Art movement. You can even see a more direct reference to Warhol’s Monroe in one of my prints. Creating Roxy Monroe, and the sad clown, provided her with identifiable personas, thus humanizing her through pop culture references. I enjoyed this project and have plans to continue working with Roxy imagery. 

-Madeline Davis, Spring 2014

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